Subprime Leads

More and more customers with bad credit are finding it difficult to purchase a car. That's where we come in. Special Finance Auto Leads has been a leader in matching car buyers with special finance dealerships all across the United States for over 15 years!

Inventory Marketing

Looking to move only your current inventory? We offer programs that will match online customers looking for vehicles to exact matches on your lot. Whether New or Used, inventory marketing is simply the quickest way to sell what you currently have on your lot. We offer one of the most affordable auto inventory campaigns available today, and it's entirely based on your sales performance.

Special Finance Auto Leads

Why we are leading the way in subprime auto leads

Our marketing efforts produce hundreds of fresh Subprime finance leads every day for distribution to our Preferred Network Dealerships. Receive exclusive leads within the zip code territory of your choice, restricted only by the maximum number of special finance leads you are interested in receiving each month. All dealerships are assigned exclusive territories. Find out if your territory is available by searching your 3 digit zip code in our database of territories.

Manage Your Area Auto Loan Customer Leads Online

Our Preferred Network Dealerships have total access to our exclusive lead generation database, providing you with a complete loan application for each consumer. Preview our Sample Application to see the information our leads will provide. We gather all of the necessary information you will need to service your customer, helping you close deals quickly and increase your profits!

Lead Generation Campaigns

Over 80% of car buyers do the research online

We make it a point to not limit our lead generation to one specific medium. Which is why every one of our auto dealer marketing programs, CRM software, or SEO services can be available as a complete package, or as a stand alone.

New Car Leads

We don't deal in only special finance, we also offer multiple campaigns that generate LIVE new car quote and sales leads. With over 80% of new car buyers doing their shopping exclusively online, you can't afford NOT to look into how we can help you boost your new car sales.

Search Engine Optimization

Part of auto dealership marketing methodology is making sure the dealers own website is found by the customers they are trying to attract. Which is why we also specialize in search engine optimization catered exclusively for auto dealers.