Real-Time Delivery Tracking

Track the entire lead history from arrival to sale by tracing everything in between, such as delivery, appointments, notes, and email/text message responses.

Radius Tools

Configure your delivery boundaries EXACTLY as you want them, by radius, individual zip codes, or both!

Auto Lender Submission

Submitting your leads for approval has never been easier with our pre-built lender submission tool.

Multiple Logins

Multiple logins allows users to work and notate only the leads they are assigned to. Or login under your account's master user to work and monitor ALL leads, and manually assign leads to specific members of your sales team.

Dynamic Lead Manager

Our customer record management software is top of the line, and contains EVERYTHING your dealership will need to manage your leads data. This page outlines just some of it's many features, and best of all - IT'S 100% FREE when you sign-up with!

Our unique lead view allows dealers to not only view, print, and follow the current state of their leads, but also the ability to quickly view and track the latest notes, task, reminders, and tasks that have been assigned to the lead.

Data Verification

All of our leads go through an extensive data verification process to ensure legitimacy. In addition to our state-of-the-art automation, we also use live customer service reps who will verify every lead for up to 72 hours after delivery.

Task Scheduler

Dealers can create tasks, track appointments, leave notes, and open leads directly from their interactive calendar app. Any changes made will update and be reflected through the entire application, making time management simple and care free.

Customizable Templates

Use one of our many pre-built templates, or create your own using our feature rich template editor. Create unique templates for both email and text message, and choose to send them manually or automatically.

Live Call Transfer

Getting the customer directly to your showroom is our ultimate goal, so we made it easier by offering live call transferring. When an car buyer in your area applies, customer service will attempt to verify their information, and then transfer the call directly to your sales team.

Complete Lead Flow Control

Our CRM provides your dealership with all of the tools necessary to filter out bad or unwanted leads. Nobody offers as many customizable lead filters as we do! Here are just a few, but the options are virtually endless...

  • Choose your own delivery days/times
  • Select daily and monthly limits, and change them as you see fit
  • Check for duplicate records on ANY field, or a combination of fields
  • GEO validations on IP addresses
  • Configure your own minimum or maximum values on ANY field
  • Largest blacklist validation library available
  • Customize your own blacklist entries

Vacation Requests

Going to be out of the office and want your leads paused? Do it with a single click!

3rd Party Management

Still buying leads from other sources, but want to manage them all in one place? No problem!


Our CRM makes it even easier to call or text message a customer. Simply click the phone or text message icon next to any phone number and the customer will be connected to one of the contact numbers you have on file.

Validation Audits

Get a complete list of up-to-the-minute validation steps as they happen and the lead is verified, including customer responses and customer service notes.